Saturday, January 23, 2016

              Life is wildly exceeding your most positive expectations. You’re feeling a euphoric expansiveness, a childlike exhilaration, an unbounded ecstasy.
              What are the circumstances that infuse you with joy, energy, and hope?
                    You resolve a major health concern.
                    A loved one finds blissful happiness.
                    ‘In the moment,’ you’re aware of your own skill, grace, and mastery.
                    You gain freedom to pursue significant positive change.
                    You find evidence supporting your values and beliefs.
                    You’re accomplishing or have accomplished a significant lifelong goal.
                    Others express their appreciation—for you, and for gifts you have given them.
                    A conflict has been resolved or transformed.
                    You uncover hidden beauty within and around you.
                    You gain valuable insight, or discover a profound truth.
              The intensity of elation surpasses mere delight: you are alive as never before. Recalling these rare and treasured moments can sustain you through the most difficult times.

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