Saturday, December 5, 2015

         Mentoring goes beyond the development and supervision of skills. It includes your sharing of trust, wisdom, and experience with learners. Your values, attitude, ethics, competencies, and intuition will guide them in their learning process, and in life.
         Encourage your learners’ independent thinking, truth-seeking, and healthy behaviors. Encourage them to continually re-examine the logic of plans, policies, assumptions, and expectations. As they gain competence and strive for excellence, provide them with assistance, encouragement, and hope. Encourage their ability to let go of stressful influences, to look within, to define themselves, and to travel a path in life consistent with their values. For the duration of your relationship, support their rights and well-being.
         Consider your mentorship a significant contribution to development of character in others. Mentorship is another step toward your self-transcendence.

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