Monday, November 30, 2015

         What pushes or pulls you to achieve a goal? Inspiration or incentive gives purpose and direction to behavior. You must also have the set of physical drives, desires, attitudes, values and virtues that arouse and direct your behavior toward accomplishment of desired tasks, objectives, and goals.
         Your values motivate you to act responsibly, be accountable for your actions, and fulfill your obligations. Your virtues motivate you to exemplify the highest ideals of ethical and moral behavior and integrity. Your physical drive and attitude motivate your unrelenting determination to strive for and achieve excellence.
         What can motivate you away from interpersonal conflict, and toward cooperation and altruism? Self-control, which reduces your reactivity and impulsiveness. Reason, which encourages the objective analysis of issues. Empathy, which enables you to feel the pain of others and to find common interests.
         To achieve your goal, motivation alone is insufficient. You must also have an incentive, capacity (physical, mental and moral strength), and opportunity.

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