Wednesday, March 2, 2016

         Order is a condition in which a system (including all or part of a living organism) is functioning properly. The term may also refer to the desired placement of things in a sequential or prioritized arrangement.
         Order is apparent throughout the observable cosmos. Repeating patterns and structures are seen in such diverse phenomena as wave motion, DNA, the behavior of living organisms, and development of a snowflake’s perfect symmetry. Events are not determined by the arbitrary will of an obscure god. Order underlies apparent chaos which is, like ‘perfection’, simply a subjective, relative human perception. All phenomena are the effects of predetermined natural order and influences. In other words, natural causes guide all effects. 

         Order is inherent. Embrace and utilize it to your benefit. Through introspection, define yourself and your highest values. Use these values to evolve life goals, and what is needed for you to attain them. Prioritize these goals in their order of importance to you. The result will be your truth—your philosophy of life.
         In living your well-ordered philosophy of life, you will be genuine, feel integrated, and find meaning.

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