Thursday, August 20, 2015

         Human relationships are varied and infinite. Their structures may be described as familial, dyadic, organizational, or hierarchal, to list some examples. Their functions (to list a few) may be described as intimate, economic, employment, or security. All relationships are transactional—they are social, economic, or political arrangements involving the sharing or exchange of values, interests, or resources.
         A relationship should benefit all members. What do you invest or contribute? What do you expect and receive from the Other? Is your contribution reciprocated to your satisfaction? Do you and the Other clearly communicate (and more importantly, understand) each other’s expectations? Abusive, neglectful, or exploitive relationships are destructive and should be terminated. Conversely, beneficial, fulfilling relationships must not be taken for granted. They must be actively monitored, protected, maintained, replenished, and sustained.
          Constructive, mutually rewarding relationships contribute to a more harmonious, peaceful world.

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