Wednesday, February 17, 2016

              When young, you live in the moment. Strength, energy, and abilities are at their peak. You’re not concerned with late life or mortality—you believe your competencies and capacities will continue indefinitely. This is, of course, a delusion. A comfortable future requires the processes of thinking, planning, and practical preparation. Anticipate issues that may influence your long-term health and well-being. Live well within your means. Resist the temptation to buy status symbols that you want but do not need.
              Retirement is life at a relaxed, manageable pace. You have the time to live simply and without stress. You are free to enjoy sunrises, sunsets, and long, untroubled sleep. You are free to be out in the true beauty of nature. You have energy to maintain your physical fitness. You have the time and interest to genuinely listen to others, and to warmly encourage and validate their efforts toward goals. You have time to contribute your wisdom, skills, and experience in a volunteer capacity. You finally have the opportunity to pursue your deepest interests, your individuality, and your creativity.
              If you plan and prepare in youth, you will have health, sufficient resources, and contentment in the outyears.

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