Wednesday, November 4, 2015

              Teams are collections of people who are capable of consistent and uniform action which cannot be done by individuals alone. Ideal teams are composed of diverse members with the necessary mix of talents, skills, and abilities for team success. An effective, creative group produces ‘more than the sum of its parts.’
              Leaders assess a need for the team, define its mission, and formulate goals and the objectives needed to reach them, guide the team process, manage output, and evaluate results. Effective teams have specific goals and objectives. Member roles are clearly defined. Communication is open, and input is encouraged from all members. The climate is relaxed, and cooperation is high. Decisions can be by the team leader, by unanimous decision, or by consensus. Team conflict is resolved smoothly.
              Healthy teams evaluate team strengths, examine things done well and not well, and discuss ways to improve. All members share responsibility for disappointments and successes.