Saturday, April 16, 2016

              You are immersed in constant and dynamic change—the alternating status of people, places, and things. Tidal currents, seasons, affiliations, light/dark, sleep/wake, health/sickness, peace/conflict, yin/yang.
               Virtue and humanism are the true drivers of peacebuilding and human development. Seek, acquire, and apply virtue. Systematically pursue wisdom, tolerance, understanding, and the rights and well-being of others. You will elevate the valleys of peace, and flatten the peaks of conflict. To the extent you are able, try to sustain or stretch the phase of relative peace and harmony in the cycle of peace/conflict. You will increase tolerance and cooperation, and reduce violent conflict in the world.
              You have endured euphoric highs, depressing lows, and survived. Continue to anticipate, plan for change, and adapt. No effort will be wasted.