Friday, March 25, 2016

Health Behavior
              Is anything more important than your health? Maintain yourself to live an optimal life, and to flourish. Your body and mind comprise an integrated, holistic machine. Be unconventional—exert impulse control. Reject unhealthy social pressures, commercial messages, and other persuasive mainstream culture. Recognize and disregard the pessimism of envious others. Dedicate and commit yourself to preventive health behavior. Here are some suggestions for attaining and sustaining health and well-being.
              To be and feel incredibly fit, alive, and privileged, push yourself, and be physically active every day if possible. Reject your own self-defeating, groundless excuses. Rain or shine, night or day, alone or with someone, get active, get moving, and make it your highest priority. Move rapidly—expend stored energy. Elevate your pulse and respiratory rates. Wear sweat as a badge of pride. Your exertion must be strenuous. If you persevere regularly over many months, you will be rewarded in all aspects of your life.
              Reduce recreational screen time—it roots you to your couch in mindless sedentary consumption. Pursue real, not vicarious adventures. These will entail danger, stress, and risk only if you ignore safety. Participate in extreme sports to test yourself, not to impress others. Carry ID whenever possible. Abstain from alcohol and other mind-altering substances. Thank and support those who encourage and reinforce your growth, development, and optimal functioning.
               The most nutritious foods are unprocessed, organic, low in fat and refined sugar, low in high-fructose corn syrup, and free of GMOs, additives, and preservatives. Donate or dispose of high-calorie food in your cupboard and refrigerator. Ignore mild hunger pangs, which are not indications of true hunger. Consider vegetarianism as a healthy lifestyle. Each day, invest in rewarding work, play, vigorous physical activity, adequate rest, a balanced diet, and quiet time. Your sustained, disciplined effort will yield priceless returns: health, a more balanced and simple life, creativity, and inner peace.