Thursday, January 14, 2016

         Studies link optimism to better general health and well-being. In your daily living, adopt a disposition that expects the best in all things, or the most favorable outcome. Reject or suppress any inner sense of defeatism, nihilism, or pessimism. Instead of dwelling on past disappointments, plan and initiate a fresh start.
         Your optimism can also contribute to a better world. In relationships with others, convey a sense of reasonable, realistic hope. Be not evasive or misleading: be candid about your own shortcomings and mistakes. Be not divisive, but inspire cooperation and hope by building areas of commonality, inclusiveness, and possibility. Healthy optimism, based on reality and truth, is far preferable to cynicism founded on misunderstanding, rumor, or myth. In a collaborative spirit, suggest specific systems and achievable goals that inspire realistic hope of something better.
         ‘One's dreams are worth pursuing, and when done so with patience, perseverance, and the hope and optimism out of which those dreams arise, they can and will come true.’ –Keith Nyitray, Northern Heritage Institute

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