Wednesday, January 13, 2016

              Pride is your well-deserved sense of satisfaction arising from your overcoming of adversity, achievement of a goal, membership in a group, participation in a meaningful, worthwhile activity that is personally or socially constructive, or simply doing the right thing.
              In religious dogma, the term ’pride’ is often interchanged with ‘hubris.’ Thus Christianity tends to misconstrue pride as egocentrism, or failure to recognize the value or accomplishments of others, or the intentional shaming of others. The larger society disregards biblical misinterpretation of pride as hubris, vanity, or self-centeredness. Genuine pride is felt internally, thus cannot be offensive.
              Pride affiliates with strong others, disaffiliates from weak others, and is associated with optimal outcomes. Because it is an emotion that helps motivate focused effort, it improves human performance. Pride is generally associated with character integrity, and such positive behaviors as creativity, productivity, and altruism.
              As you create things of great personal significance, be proud of your values, of the excellence of your effort, and of your accomplishments.

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