Wednesday, November 18, 2015

         You possess reason—the faculty or capacity for truth-seeking and problem-solving. The results of your logical reasoning have enabled you to exercise sound judgment in living; acquire valid, empirical knowledge, and gain insights leading toward wisdom.
         Religion has propagated and flourished in the fertile soil of ignorance. It has evolved from our belief in and fear of spirits and other supernatural phenomena. Religious dogma has provided socially stabilizing moral guidance. However, religious faith and irrationality have also promoted myth, patriarchy, terrorism, conflict, genocide, and repression through fear of damnation.
         Nonbelievers and skeptics have generally been committed to evidence-based truth. The Enlightenment championed humankind’s use of reason and the empirical sciences as the means to achieve freedom, prosperity, happiness, and knowledge. Nonfaith chooses to ignore myth and supernatural concepts, opting instead for debate, open questioning, reason, science, fact, and what can be clearly proven. Rejection of incoherent, contradictory, and illogical beliefs is driving the trend of secularization.
         Continually examine your beliefs and culture. Oppose flawed, illogical, erroneous, delusional, or fallacious thinking and the reasoning underlying these modes. Have the courage to challenge and resolve contradiction or unverified truth. 

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