Sunday, November 15, 2015

         Self-reliance is freedom from external control and constraint in judgment and action. It is autonomy and self-direction. In highly structured Western industrialized nations, interdependence and conformity are expected. Self-sufficient individuals are often resented by the envious larger culture.
         In love, work, and play, humans and other animals are interdependent. No one can fully function in social isolation. If you were truly self-reliant, you would build your own home, grow and consume your own food, create your own clothing and art, and live without health or dental care. You would have no need to communicate with others.
         From birth and through childhood, you were nurtured to become independent and self-sufficient. Your DNA also programmed you to seek and accept assistance, and to work cooperatively with others toward the common good. You are competent, capable, ask for help when needed, and accept it gracefully when offered and received.
         Your reliance on others for assistance and wisdom is essential to your life, health, and growth.

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