Wednesday, October 21, 2015

              You enjoy priceless freedoms. You fulfill your duties of obeying the law, voting, and paying taxes. Are these adequate compensation for the benefits and privileges you enjoy? You have energy and talents to share—why not contribute them to your community? You will gain a greater sense of active, constructive participation, belonging, affiliation, and ownership.
              Consider ‘giving back’ as a guardian ad litem, election poll worker, census canvasser, adopt-a-highway volunteer, crisis hotline listener, animal welfare volunteer, literacy tutor, food bank or food delivery volunteer, or provider of services to the disabled or elderly. For public benefit, share your skills and abilities with individuals seeking self-development.
              Volunteerism is the heart of your community. Get involved in improving and sustaining the quality of public life. Your wisdom, experience, and sense of civic responsibility are acutely needed. Express your virtues and social consciousness. Expect not appreciation, but an abundance of good feelings.