Sunday, April 24, 2016

              You are well-adjusted and secure in your person. Your respect and consideration for others are the inner drivers of the sincere courtesy and civility you extend to all. Beyond merely acknowledging others, you create opportunities for them. You open doors for them, and allow them into your traffic lane. You engage them respectfully in conversation, listening attentively and never overriding or interrupting them. You don’t view them as threats to your imagined self-importance.
              Uncivil people tend to be self-centered attention-seekers. They are rude, threatening, disrespectful, intimidating, ungrateful, aggressive, or passive-aggressive, and seek to diminish the status and ideas of others.
              The world no longer needs loud, harsh words, ridicule, or contempt. You are polite, calm, courteous, genuine, respectful—and the world needs you now.