Tuesday, October 20, 2015

              How are cats and dogs, believers and nonbelievers, liberals and conservatives able to coexist in relative peace? Perhaps not through mutual cooperation, but through mutual tolerance. ‘Peaceful’ coexistence between individuals, social groups, and nation-states is actually the norm.
              Coexistence is universal (all things coexist), and dynamic (there is underlying tension and competition). Further examples of coexistence are symbiosis (which implies mutual need and reciprocity) and yin and yang (which are complementary, balanced, hypothetical female and male attributes). Simultaneity and synchronicity describe co-occurring (coexistent) processes.
              You need not be all-out competitive with others, because life is not a quest for dominance. Promote and reinforce cooperative, harmonious coexistence as a balanced, preferred alternative to violent conflict.

                       My wind chime greets an ethereal breeze.
                       Lingering harmony gently sculpts the air,
                       Embraces my perception, sings true, sincere, and pure,
                       Brings a slow, soft imagining of what our world could be:
                       Coexistence, balance, perfect accord.