Friday, April 22, 2016

              Compassion is the foundation of all morality and ethics. One of humankind’s most precious treasures, it prevents and relieves misery. It motivates acts of kindness, and the pursuit of rights and well-being of others. It is based on an awareness of the relatedness of all living beings.
              If you have known suffering, struggle, or loss, you have a deep understanding of life, and have gained the strength of compassion. It’s a manifestation of your genuine caring, tenderness, and sympathy. By holding tightly to it, you have lost your grip on revenge and hate. When you see distress, sorrow, and misery, you are motivated to respond. The pain you feel for someone else is intensified by your humanity. Your recipient feels worthy, comforted, validated, loved, and supported.
              Your life has value because you value the lives of others. You have outgrown indifference, and evolved with compassion. You express it without hesitation or reward; you receive it with grace. You find quiet ways to give of yourself—to translate your compassion into actions on behalf of others. You reinforce their hope, kindness, and compassion, and your actions radiate outward to benefit humanity.  
              In living an authentic life, you teach a gentler way of relating. Compassion is your gift—for others to carry throughout life.