Monday, October 19, 2015

              Behavioral norms are required for humanitarian, military, scientific, musical, health, academic, and business organizations to succeed. Public laws enhance public health and safety. The Scientific Method, electoral processes, and safe medical practices are examples of guiding frameworks. In hierarchies of social order, common terminology, labels, conventions, and definitions are needed for members to work cooperatively. Individual conformance to an organization’s values, norms, and ethics is essential for goal attainment.
              You must assertively introduce and logically defend your unique, inventive, innovative ideas. Prepare to be labelled as nonconformist. And if necessary, despite your value within your organization, you have an ethical responsibility to be a whistleblower. This will threaten the status quo and those in authority.
              Throughout life, when in the interests of truth and the greater good, you must have courage to deviate from the norm.