Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Delusion as Motivation       
            In everyday, nonclinical parlance, 'delusion' is often used as pejorative, dismissive ridicule. Delusion, or false belief, is also a clinical symptom in psychiatric pathology. Belief in an improbable phenomenon, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, could be considered delusional.

            Are beliefs in the supernatural pathological? Psychiatry does not label divine creation or biblical miracles as pathological. Is psychiatry selectively unethical in this regard? You are entitled to your personal beliefs. Beliefs need not be substantiated with evidence or fact. It would seem, then, that your personal beliefs cannot be ‘false.’
             Your ideals, dreams, and wildest fantasies may seem delusional to others. But continue to apply your perseverance, focus, and optimism in striving to attain them. You can become President. You can earn a million dollars. You can finish a marathon. You can write a successful novel. You can become Chief Operating Officer of a Fortune 500 company. You can earn an advanced degree. You can negotiate an international peace agreement between warring belligerents.
              Be motivated to demonstrate the truth of your beliefs, ideas, and hopes, no matter how far-fetched and improbable they may seem. Your ideas may ultimately be of significant benefit to humankind.