Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ethical Development
              Ethical behavior is doing the right thing. It is good for everyone. Ethical behavior occurs within a system of moral principles, norms, and propriety which guide right or proper behavior of and between individuals, families, communities, cultures, organizations, and the larger society. The Golden Rule is an example of a simple ethical guide.
              The beginning and foundation of all ethics is compassion. To cultivate virtue and maintain your sense of ethics, develop altruism, and humaneness for other individuals. You will find fulfillment through your respect for universal fundamental ethical principles, honest humanitarian effort, and the value of your good example for others. Whenever possible, enhance and reinforce the ethical behavior of others. In upholding righteousness and the moral disposition to do good, you will contribute to a more just and less violent world.
              Create a personal philosophy of life—a core set of life principles. Look deep within. On a document if possible, define yourself and what is important to you—your beliefs, values, ideals, ethics, and goals. Evolve a moral and ethical framework to guide behavior toward your goals or vision. Over time, seek knowledge to clarify, modify, or expand its concepts, then revise and refine it. Live in accordance with your philosophy of life.
              It is difficult to envision a world free from oppression and injustice, where all can realize their full human rights. It’s a distant ideal, to be sure, but the longest journey begins with a single step. Each of us has the opportunity to promote and support the growth and empowerment of individuals, families, and communities, and to advance social and economic justice. To sustain human development we must reform unjust power structures, and challenge corrupt, unethical, or oppressive policies.
              Translate your rationality, intuition, compassion, and ethics into actions that serve and promote the greater good.