Wednesday, January 20, 2016

              You enjoy a balance of security and risk. Calm and excitement are yin and yang. Perhaps we flourish best with a balance of quiet contentment and exciting challenge.
              Clear, unrestricted, and logical thought enables natural, genuine human feeling and expression. Mind-altering substances attenuate and impair thinking and feeling. Sustained enthusiasm with discipline ensures progress toward goals and meeting of needs.
               We all crave an outlet for expression. In childhood, each day dawned with hope and a sense of adventure—nothing could dampen your excitement. Creative people navigate the world with the excitement and determination of children. The joy in gaining new experiences and understanding is a feeling common to young and old.
              Excitement arises from possibilities. For many, the greatest source of excitement is the possibility of a more just, less violent world. The prospect of gaining opportunity and freedom holds true excitement for those deprived of these gifts.
              Live an actively virtuous and ethical life. Your excitement, words, and actions will move others toward the ways of virtue.

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