Wednesday, July 15, 2015

         Fate commonly refers to destiny, a predetermined course of events. Science seeks to understand and adequately explain the human perception of destiny, and asserts that all effects have natural causes. Chaos, coincidence, fate, and rolls of the dice are simply human perceptions of the natural effects of causes. All events and conditions in the universe have physical precursors.
         Although your thoughts, feelings, and decisions have been influenced by civilization, culture, genetics, and your basic drives, you have some control of your destiny. When difficult trials, misfortune, and disaster befall you, keep hope alive. Apathy, pessimism, nihilism, and resignation could impair rational thought and defeat you. Use all your faculties to identify the root causes of challenges. Assess and weigh your possible actions, and attempt to foresee the consequences of each. Have the strength to request and accept assistance.
         Believe that you are steering your destiny toward your best interests.