Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mind and Body
          Can the mind ‘will’ the body to heal? Science has established no evidence for this. Simple wishing, hoping, or prayer cannot prevent eventual death.

         There is near-universal acceptance of the world and its people as physical entities. At the human level, the (dualistic) concept of the separateness of nonphysical mind and physical body is somewhat outdated. Chemical synapses initiate thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions. Mind and body work together in the secretion of hormones which elevate or depress mood, enhance strength and energy, or induce or reduce sensations of pleasure, pain and discomfort.
         The body’s sensory apparatus detects changes in the environment, and its nervous system transmits this information via electrical signals to the brain. The brain sorts, evaluates, prioritizes this sense data, and combines it with thoughts within the conscious mind.
         Evidence supports the (monistic) view that the nonphysical, intrapsychic mind is fully integrated with the physical body. With due respect to the world's most beautiful lyrics and poetry, the mind functions through neural (physical) processes, not a hypothetical heart, spirit, soul, or other supernatural force. The mind uses intuition and judgment to assess risk and harm, and to initiate corrective actions toward a person’s best interests, survival, and perpetuation of DNA.
         The mind/body system initiates healthy, preventive physical activity, which lowers the risk of debilitating conditions and extends life expectancy.