Friday, November 27, 2015

People Skills
         The term ‘people skills’ has wide interpretation among organizations. Generally, these are ‘soft skills’ needed to work cooperatively with others; build meaningful work relationships; influence others’ perception of you and your work, and positively influence their actions so as to achieve desired results. People skills are utilized in five functional areas: communication, teamwork, interpersonal relationships, group processes, and leadership.
         Communication skills allow you to actively listen to others; clearly articulate your ideas verbally and in writing in a manner that you are heard and understood; provide and receive feedback, and achieve your desired results. Teamwork skills enable you to collaborate effectively with people having a variety of skill sets, personalities, work styles, or motivation levels, to better accomplish team goals within an organizational mission. Interpersonal relationship skills enable you to build trust, find areas of commonality, express empathy, and establish and sustain good relationships in all aspects of your life. Group process skills enable you to manage content and feelings expressed by members of a group, thus maximizing group creative potential, and personally benefiting members. Leadership skills enable you to create and motivate an effective, cooperative team of people with diverse abilities, personalities, motivations, and work styles. Leadership also inspires commitment and dedication in others; provides constructive wisdom, guidance, and/or feedback, and helps others in their social and occupational functioning.
         Recognize that people are inherently good. Provide assistance, encouragement, and hope. Be patient, tolerant, and accepting of others. Advocate for their rights, safety, and well-being. Encourage and reinforce their independent thinking, their search for evidence-based truth, and their healthy behaviors in pursuit of life goals. Encourage them to let go of stressful influences. Reinforce their self-control, goodness, fairness, and awareness of the needs of those around them.

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