Thursday, November 12, 2015

         Imagine the primitive world of your ancestors, whose lives evolved with the sounds of wind, rain, thunder, surf, wild creatures, river rapids, waterfalls—or silence.
         The sounds of technology inhibit the emergence of thoughts and feelings into your conscious awareness. All noise, including white noise, reduces your capacity for understanding and innovation. Quiet, reflective moments lower stress and permit creativity.
         If only briefly, divest yourself from the distracting mayhem of the modern world. Deprive yourself of the sensory input of music, conversation, smartphones, computers, radio, or television for a few waking hours. Disconnect from technology. Just be still, calm, quiet, human, natural, and intentionally alone with your thoughts.
         In silence, you will achieve and become aware of a more peaceful state. You will be capable of more focused, pragmatic, and creative thinking. You will discover new and vivid ideas and truths, formerly suppressed by distracting sound. Sit in silence. Think in silence. Walk in silence. Run in silence. Sleep in silence. Dream in silence. Be comfortable with silence. Treasure silence.
         You will hear and learn to listen to the guiding voice within. You will begin to know yourself.