Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Striving for Excellence
              Aristotle believed one's goal should be living well and in attaining ‘well-being’ or ‘happiness.’ He believed that if one possessed a virtuous character and well-chosen excellent life habits, one could achieve happiness. You invest time, money, effort, or creativity in the planning and execution of tasks or missions. You set high but realistic standards of performance for yourself, and strive for results that meet the standards. You believe ‘good enough’, ‘adequate’, and ‘satisfactory’ are insufficient levels of achievement.
              You believe in the quality or excellence of your work, and that your endeavors have meaning, purpose, or reward. Your effort requires commitment and perseverance, and you take full responsibility for the process and result.
              Your physical drive, attitude, ethics, and integrity are reflected in your efforts to achieve the highest standards of excellence.

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