Thursday, August 13, 2015

              Trust is the basis of all human cooperation and contractual obligation. Humans have an innate inclination to trust, and to judge trustworthiness. Should others place blind trust in you, or must you earn their trust? Your word is your honor if you consistently deliver on promises made. If you ‘walk the talk’, you are respected as dependable, proven, reliable, and morally responsible. You earn trust and confidence when consistently demonstrating your commitment to a shared ideal, value, or goal.
              Before you accept or agree to a new obligation or commitment, know its specifics. Be realistically aware of your ability to fulfill the obligation. Explore possible effects of this commitment on your own life. Distractions and temptations may impair your actions and thus threaten your trustworthiness. Before placing trust in others, verify their sincerity and abilities.
              A deep sense of moral responsibility compels people to honor and fulfill promises and obligations. Maturity, dedication, and dependability commit people to act responsibly. Moral and ethical actions promote understanding, cooperation, and trust. For the benefit of humanity, continue to set an example of trustworthiness through your virtue, and your responsible, benevolent actions.

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