Tuesday, August 11, 2015

              The billions of galaxies, specks of cosmic dust, and subatomic particles are each unique—there are none that are identical. The only commonality they share is that they fall within categories of phenomena.
              Each snowflake, cloud, tree, blade of grass, and grain of sand also shares similarity with others of its type. Each is an ordinary, representative member of a category. Each is also unique in terms of composition, age, size, weight, and location in time and space. All phenomena in the known universe are thus both ordinary and unique.
              You are merely an ordinary human specimen. You are also distinguished by your unique abilities, qualities, achievements, and potential. Your uniqueness does not entitle you to special human rights. It does not elevate you to a privileged or exceptional status among human beings, nor entitle you to a sense of superiority.
              Use your unique talents and competencies in the development and mentoring of others.


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