Monday, May 2, 2016

              You’re stretched by unending, unexpected challenges. Mastery involves knowledge of the sources of your strengths, limitations, and fears. You’re aware of the relative abundance, health, good feelings, and good fortune you enjoy today. You’re aware of the wisdom, hope, encouragement, and practical support you receive from others. You sense the unconditional love, warmth, comfort, and undivided attention your animals seek to give and receive.
              Shift to an awareness that people are inherently good. Be mindful of your freedom (and at times your responsibility) to pursue and protect their rights and well-being. Be respectfully aware of their need for self-determination. Encourage their ability to look within, to define themselves, and to contribute to a more just and peaceful world.
              Be aware of the privilege in being an intelligent, reasonable, and gentle person. Mind and body are an integrated whole. If you manage yourself in healthy, positive ways, you will continue to gain awareness, intuition, insight, balance, and inner harmony.