Sunday, May 1, 2016

              You pursue your main interests in life, deriving rewards of pleasure, satisfaction, comfort, and health. If unable to evenly distribute your time, energy, or attention among your interests, you may slip into irritability, anger, depression, or risky behaviors.
              Systems in a steady state are perturbed by outside forces. Temporarily unbalanced systems make corrections to regain and maintain stability. If you are disturbed by an outside force, first look within yourself to fully understand your response to it. Second, consider your options: you may eliminate, modify, distract, co-opt, pre-empt, preclude, attack, avoid/evade, yield to, accommodate, or ignore the stressor. Third, consider and understand the possible consequences of each option. Fourth, act with informed intention. Fifth, review the entire experience, gaining insight to guide future behavior. Sixth, offer your steady hand to others.
               In the dynamic process of maintaining control, expect to feel unbalanced. On the tightrope of life, your balance pole is a mature, adaptive coping strategy.