Friday, April 29, 2016

              Your health and well-being is impacted by worry, work stress, noise, and new technology in a complex, hectic, fast-paced world. You can learn to let go of tension, agitation, and irritability. A path to calm and well-being is intentional relaxation.
              A tranquil mind is best achieved within simple, quiet surroundings. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, select a comfortable surface, then sit or lie down. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Consciously tense, then relax, your muscles, from toes to head. Go limp. When you are relaxed, clear your mind of time concerns and other troubling issues. Listen to the silence. If distracting thoughts intrude, push them out. Allow yourself to visualize the most tranquil, restful scene you can imagine. Enter and inhabit this welcoming place, and become part of its beauty and harmony. Lose yourself in this pleasant dream. Be calm and composed for awhile. When you return to reality, reflect on your precious meditative moment.
              Crafting imagery is another path to calm. It will provide temporary escape from your cares, and fulfill your need for expression. Describe soothing visions of simple perfection and dreamlike fantasy. Here are two examples of such imagery.
                      'As you walk through the lush green splendor of central Florida, may you see Spanish moss swaying in soft breezes, hear water drops falling from ancient grandfather oaks, feel warm sun through cool, dappled shade, and breathe deeply of a healing, living fragrance. Pause for a few moments, and reflect on the harmony that surrounds you. May this calm and peace carry you through your day. . .'
                      'Walk barefoot, serenely, effortlessly on the mossy cushion of eons. Glide through the green glow and sweet delicate fragrance of fern and orchid. A distant waterfall softly echoes in the grand hall of nature. Sink slowly, gently down into the lush softness. Within this surreal green cathedral, recline peacefully. Rest. . . find calm. . .dream. . .'