Thursday, October 22, 2015

              The ideal of human development is served through charity. Charity originally meant unconditional love for fellow human beings. It has come to mean benevolence to the poor, through the donation of goods and services to those in need. It is provided by government and non-government organizations, and individuals. A goal of charity is to support needy people toward self-sufficiency.
              Charity takes the forms of donated food, clothing, shelter, transportation, help with utility bills, low or no-cost health care, home maintenance assistance, counseling, and myriad other services. It is motivated by the social contract, sympathy, and compassion.
              Consider the privilege and comfort you currently enjoy. Compare your level of well-being with those less fortunate. Volunteering your time, skills, and abilities in charitable causes will help fill a critical need, and demonstrate your deeply held virtue and ideals.