Sunday, January 24, 2016

              You may be feeling euphoria and bliss while experiencing a gratifying event or personal accomplishment. All you know is that, for the moment, all seems wonderful in your world.
              It’s your mixture of pride and joy in a loved one’s growth or achievement. It’s your feeling after a decisive win by your favorite player or team. It’s part of your recollection of a particularly entertaining movie, musical, or live theater performance.
              It’s your fulfillment in eating organic fruits and vegetables from your own garden. It’s your inner warmth in being an anonymous donor. It’s your simple happiness in watching puppies or kittens frolicking at play. It’s what you feel after exceeding your own expectations. It’s your elevated mood following completion of a poem, elaborate needlepoint, piece of jewelry, or work of art.
              You have invested in yourself, in life, and in others. Delight is your gift from the universe.