Monday, August 3, 2015

              Determinism is the simple idea that all effects have natural causes. It is the necessary basis of empirical, evidence-based science.
              Science concedes that our knowledge of the universe is inadequate. What is observable (an effect) results from antecedent conditions (causes). All events, conditions, and coincidences are predetermined interactions of gravity, matter, space, time, and yet-unperceived factors. Science seeks to understand and adequately explain the human perceptions of chance, randomness, coincidence, and chaos, and the apparently supernatural phenomena of paranormality, mysticism, and divine influence. Science is guided by the rationale that all is natural. It must acknowledge and examine supernatural ideas, then reject those lacking evidence of validity.
              Brain cognitive and affective functions are neurochemical, not metaphysical processes. Decisions and resultant behavior are thus determined by physical preconditions. One’s decisions and behavior are also influenced by inherited genetic traits, socialization, personality, motivations, cognitive and affective processes, and the continually changing environment. Courts of law intend and interpret ‘acting from one’s own free will’ as ‘acting from one’s own conscious choice.’
              The indeterministic view is that free will is a divine gift from a supernatural source. The deterministic view is that free will is impossible, and an illusion. Strive to understand, respect, and tolerate the opposing views of others, while supporting your personal views with reason and logic.