Sunday, December 27, 2015

              Discernment describes the quality of your perception and observation. You see through smoke, haze, ambiguity, vagueness, and obscurity to find important qualities. You sense underlying meanings that others often overlook. At micro (local) and macro (global) levels, you observe nuance, change, or anomaly in apparently unremarkable events. You have sharper awareness of potentials less apparent to others. You appreciate the finer intentions and details of art, science, and human interaction. You gain immediate awareness of the positive inner attributes of people. You are thus able to formulate accurate and profound interpretations of outwardly ordinary phenomena.
              Discernment enables the insight and understanding necessary for good judgment and timely, appropriate action. You have a sharper view of potentially harmful qualities, assumptions, and trends in your world. Act with logic and good judgment to correct these conditions.

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