Saturday, April 9, 2016

              Discipline is needed in managing a commitment to yourself or others. It ensures successful task, objective, goal, and mission accomplishment.
              Your disciplined management involves three elements: deciding things; doing things, and evaluating things done.
              1. Decide what will be done, when it is to be done, who is to do it, how it is to be done, and the availability of resources needed to get it done.
              2. Accomplish what is to be done, in the way it is supposed to be done, at the time it is scheduled to be done, using resources made available for the purpose.
              3. Evaluate what has been done, how well it was done, whether it should continue to be done, and how it could be done better.
              Good personal management requires discipline. Develop lifetime patterns of moderation and preventive health behaviors. Design and faithfully adhere to a well-thought-out lifestyle of diet, exercise, rest, work, play, learning, and adaptive coping. Continually monitor the holistic benefits of your lifestyle. Avoid alcohol and other recreational mind-altering substances—you will live realistically and safely without them.
              Within your organized, systematic, disciplined approach to life, you will find new health and creativity. Your example will inspire others toward optimum functioning.