Sunday, August 2, 2015

              We are on a diverse and colorful continuum of belief. Look deep within yourself whenever possible, and discover truths that are uniquely yours. Your truth may be the immanence of your god. Other truths may reject belief in a supernatural entity. Belief or nonbelief in the divine (such as divine intervention, divine creation, or divine prophecy) are purely personal matters of faith or nonfaith. May you find contentment in your beliefs of choice.
              Democracies, although imperfect, attempt to exclude religious assumptions and influence from executive, judicial, and legislative processes. In most democratic societies, laws permit and defend religious freedom, enabling believers and nonbelievers to live side by side in relative security and harmony.
              Seek a deeper understanding of beliefs differing from your own. Be respectful, tolerant, and facilitative, not oppositional. Beyond immediate issues of disagreement in matters of faith, you will discover and appreciate areas of commonality. People universally value freedom of belief, human rights, conflict prevention, nonviolence, humanitarianism, and beneficence expressed as compassion for the very young, very old, and disabled.
              Be motivated by a desire for mutual respect and peaceful coexistence within a more tolerant, less violent world. Whether or not you believe in the divine, actively uphold the right of people to hold and peacefully express their diverse, deeply held values.