Tuesday, April 5, 2016

        Do you typically remain calm when experiencing or surrounded by chaos, pain, stress, turmoil, or threat? Equanimity is a term seldom used in mainstream culture, but it means grace under pressure. A related term, ‘presence of mind’, describes the cognitive ability to think clearly when under stress, but equanimity describes an emotional state. Equanimity is remaining composed, tranquil, or serene (moods of psychological stability) when under strain.
        When misinterpreted by others as disengagement, uninvolvement, disinterest, or detachment, your calm may arouse their anger. In general, however, your relaxed presence can reduce the risk of panic, catastrophizing, and aggression by others during disaster. Your coolness can help others remain calm in a crisis. Your stability can de-escalate emotional tension during interpersonal conflict.

         If you possess the value and virtue of equanimity, those around you are indeed fortunate.