Monday, December 21, 2015

              You’re highly motivated and energetic, and these qualities serve you well. With persistence, patience, and sweat, you can gradually attain a high level of holistic health, and a priceless sense of well-being. Any aerobic exercise is beneficial.
              You’ll be pleased with your new fit image. You will receive compliments from people who see a more highly functioning, happier person. But your true reward will be deep and lasting mental and physical health.
              Regardless of age, almost anyone can start exercising. You must recognize and overcome your internal resistance and human tendency toward comfort. You will be tempted to invent many self-defeating ‘obstacles’: ‘Running or the gym? I don’t have the time.’ ‘I’m on my feet all day, and when I get home I can’t get motivated.’ ‘I’ll get all sweaty and feel self-conscious!’ ‘I have a bad knee.’ Get up off the couch or push yourself away from the computer. Motivate yourself to get vigorous physical exercise at least several times a week. Make this one of your highest priorities and let nothing interfere with it.
              Exercise for yourself, and in your own way. Mild muscle stiffness (soreness) will be normal for a few weeks. Don’t get frustrated or discouraged—warm up and exercise through the discomfort. Regardless of type of exercise, intend to sweat profusely. Wear sweat as your badge of commitment to health. Think gradual improvement—it may take months to actually feel and see benefits. You may be unable to sustain exertion for more than 5 minutes at a stretch now, but in a year you will be exceeding 30 minutes with ease. Keep your exercise simple, informal, and personal. Get as far into or out of your head as you wish. Your ideal workout will permit and encourage creative thinking, planning, daydreaming, prayer, resolution of problems, or meditation.
              Preventive health and conditioning is a gentle pastime which will induce very slow adaptations within your mind and body. Over time, these adaptations will improve your mood and increase your resistance to emotional stress and physical pain. You will achieve a natural sense of calm and well-being. Bone density, lung capacity, reaction time, heart, and endocrine functions will improve. You will feel hopeful and optimistic. You will sleep better. You’ll have the wonderful sense of accomplishment that follows a difficult physical challenge.
              If you’re true to yourself and disciplined, your physical conditioning effort will pay enormous dividends. Your investment in vigorous physical exercise will reward you with strength, energy, and priceless health.