Monday, March 28, 2016

              The need for meaning, self-knowledge, love, and fulfillment links humankind. Perhaps fulfillment is the all-encompassing feeling of completeness that comes with having lived a useful, productive, rewarding life. Perhaps it is your discovery of insight and meaning, resulting in a fulfillment whose limits extend toward infinity. Perhaps your dream remains just out of reach, but you find fulfillment in the reaching. Perhaps your long-term vision has become reality.
               The aim of human development is human flourishing—the process of self-actualization. You can be a vital part of a social environment which provides support, resources, and opportunity for the self-actualization of others. You can lead an ethical life of personal fulfillment while serving the greater good of humanity. You can work toward a world free from oppression and injustice, where all can exercise the human and civil rights necessary for fulfillment.
              Continually expand your abilities, and endeavor to reach what is most important to you. If you challenge, extend, and push yourself, you will learn your fears, limitations, and strengths. To live fully, you must attain the highest possible level of mental and physical fitness. Discipline, health, perseverance, and motivation are needed for achievement of your personal vision.
              Each challenge results in new understanding which will serve you well. Eventually, you will have no need for new summits to reach, roads to travel, maps to follow, philosophies to create, or strategies to construct; no need to compete with others or yourself. Your journeys of discovery will reward you with an amazing view. You will find peace, calm, and the true fulfillment that waits within you.

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