Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holistic Health
          Interrelating components comprise each cell of your body. Groups of similar interrelating cells form tissues; interrelating tissues form organs. Each organ supports the functioning of all other organs. Thus, you are not simply a collection of separate independent parts. Your body is an integrated system, composed of groups of interrelating organs. Holistic health is cooperation between all the elements of your ‘system’ and your external environment. Be aware of the physical, psychological, cultural, and social influences on your life.
          A balanced life is a moderate blend of
                  · sound nutrition
                  · regular vigorous physical exercise
                  · pleasurable activity
                  · meaningful and fulfilling social and occupational functioning
                  · adequate rest
                  · calm reflection
                  · positive but realistic outlook
          A holistic approach to life will improve your general health. Better health will reward you with improved strength, energy, creativity, cognition, recall, mood, and sense of well-being, enabling you to more effectively interact with your environment.
          Holistic health will enable you to live optimally, and to flourish.