Monday, October 5, 2015

Human Development

              Human development is the process of expanding people's opportunities. The UN describes human development as "...removing the barriers that hold people back in their freedom to act. It is about enabling the disadvantaged and excluded to realize their human rights, to express their concerns openly, to be heard, and to become active agents in shaping their destiny. It is about having the freedom to live a life that one values, and to manage one’s affairs adequately."
              People must be motivated to develop themselves, but there must be opportunities to live long and healthy lives, to acquire knowledge, and to access resources needed for a decent standard of living. Opportunity is available only in a climate of guaranteed human rights, which afford political, economic, and social freedom, and the freedom to be creative, expressive, and productive.
              On a personal level, you can facilitate the development of friends, family, and associates. Seek to understand what’s important to them. Your attentiveness is their opportunity to be heard, and will help clarify and define their concerns. If you are a good listener—empathic, respectful, fully present, and genuine—you will learn their goals, their aspirations, and the resources available to them. Validate and reinforce their desire to learn, to gain competence, to be creative and productive, and to strive for excellence.
              Consider volunteer work in a human service organization whose aim is client growth, independence, and self-sufficiency. As an advocate for less-privileged others, you can work to remove cultural or institutionalized barriers to human development.
               If you are effectively managing your life, why not develop this capacity in others?

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