Saturday, February 13, 2016

         Softness is the opposite of harshness, rigid authoritarianism, loudness, belittling, and demeaning. Softness rejects aggressiveness—it is calmness, quietness, and comfort. It affords rest, extends friendship and peaceful regard, and elicits affection, respect, and esteem. Peace arises from softness, flexibility, wisdom, tolerance, and understanding. Conflict arises from hardness, rigidity, ignorance, intolerance, and misunderstanding.
         Yang is sudden, sharp, unyielding, active. Yin is soft, yielding, and passive. Softness is a quietly whispering rain, softly calling doves, and the harmony of wind chimes stirring with a gentle morning breeze. It is a lover’s caress, and the downy lining of an osprey nest high above a lake. Softness is any mother’s security, comfort, and love. It is receptivity to new ideas.
         Wisdom and a mature, understanding manner can only enhance your life. Consider adopting a more relaxed gentleness, passivity, and kindness in your relations with others. Your compassion, smoothness, and quiet collaboration can earn love, respect, and admiration. Use soft power—your ability to influence others through your virtue, values, and ethics.
         Soft, calm voices and actions are the ways of peace.

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