Monday, November 2, 2015

Uncertainty Management
              When confronted with a questionable, nonspecific, vague, or ambiguous situation, how do you respond?
                        · Do you step in, seize control of the situation, define it, and impose specific outcome expectations?
                        · Do you step aside, avoid the situation, and do nothing?
                        · Do you step back, study the situation to gain a precise understanding of it, then redefine it in specific terms?
              Since you cannot know all details of all circumstances, you cannot be certain of all outcomes. One observer may view an uncertain situation as confusing, uncontrolled disorder in acute need of clarification. Another may view it as an inconvenient but necessary stage in the natural process of resolution. Perhaps our need for certainty and predictability is based on a primeval fear of the unknown. If you wish to clarify a situation, do so with independent research, sound logic, and the wisdom of others. 

              Before attempting to resolve uncertainty, it would be healthy to examine your need for certainty.

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