Tuesday, October 27, 2015

      All working systems including organisms are dependent on energy and other resources, so cannot function with infinite autonomy. The term is subjective and imprecise. You see it as a desired status: freedom from specific dependencies, restrictions, influences, controls, limitations, or barriers. Laws and policies are intended for the greater good, but they restrict behavior. Solitude can facilitate feelings of independence: you are at your most free and creative when alone with your thoughts, feelings, and dreams.
      Life is a complementary exchange: it is the giving and receiving of resources. Professional planners, consultants and specialists promise your autonomy, but are dependent upon your needs, thus your full autonomy could be disadvantageous for them. Engineers improve efficiency and seek greater autonomy of their systems. Politicians promise greater autonomy to constituents.
      Valued and trusted friends, helpers, advocates, and other personal support systems genuinely assist you in goal attainment. They assist you in progress toward independence as you define it. You must return their investment (with interest) whenever possible.
     Only you can describe and fulfill your vision of autonomy. You have reached it when you feel in control.