Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Clarity in Expression
              Clear, unrestricted, and logical thought is necessary for accurate perception, reasoning, comprehension, and expression.
              Conflict arises from misunderstanding; peace arises from understanding. Lack of shared understanding of terms is a major obstacle to peace in our world. When mediating and negotiating in any conflict, promote and ensure common and clear understanding of meaning. Consider the essence of each variable. Compare present conditions with reasonable and desired conditions. Find commonality, and exercise your informed judgment to evolve clear and attainable goals.
              When speaking, make direct eye contact. Be conscious of your rapid speech, speech at reduced volume, ‘y’ know?’, ‘ah...’, ‘like…’, and upspeak (rising inflection, called the ‘high rising terminal’). Examine your need to begin sentences with 'So...'
              Seek objective evaluation of your writing and speaking ability. Accept constructive criticism as well-intended. No matter how harsh or biased it may seem, take it to heart, and improve. Evolve with your verbal and written language—use neologisms to clearly convey new concepts.
              Distill ideas to the simplest forms that retain their meaning. Brief is best.