Sunday, July 19, 2015

Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
      Your genetic makeup profoundly influences your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. You are the result, after millions of years, of DNA’s tentative evolutionary experimentation. You are a unique subset of all genes comprising the human species. Your primary function is to reproduce genes. You serve as a temporary carrier for DNA. In a Darwinian sense you do not live for yourself—you live as a vehicle for your DNA.
      DNA programmed slight behavioral aberrations and anomalies in your ancestors to test new evolutionary directions. DNA generally selected for (perpetuated) those traits which, over time, allowed your ancestors to successfully adapt to their environments, survive, and reproduce. With each generation, DNA changed itself slightly to permit the greatest probability of at least some genes surviving.
       You’ve inherited your drives, much of your personality, and most of your physiology from your ancestry. Your behavior is also guided by values and norms imposed by family, clan, community, tribe, culture, and society. You’ve gained wisdom through personal life experiences resulting from knowledge-seeking, informed choices, and successful risk-taking. Your well-being (and at times your very survival) has depended on both learned and inherited traits.
       You are the beneficiary of the defensive, preventive, and reproductive tendencies of your ancestors. At the time of conception, DNA programmed your capacities to sense, decide, and act. You developed these capacities into successful risk and stress management strategies.

       In a profound sense, DNA gave you the potential to manage your holistic health, and to live in harmony with others.