Friday, October 9, 2015

              Globalization is the process of worldwide social and economic integration. It is being driven by increasingly sophisticated communication and transportation technologies and services, mass relocations of people, commerce that has outgrown national markets, and increased free trade, including reduced tariff restrictions by nation-states. Globalization trends are generally resisted by trade protectionists, environmentalists, and labor advocates who oppose exploitation of workers in developing nations.
              We are moving inevitably toward a heavily populated, less parochial, less siloed, more interconnected and collaborative world. We must acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to work and live in the new diverse, global society of overlapping cultures, technologies, and legal systems. To smoothly integrate, we must continually adapt. We must indeed think globally and act locally. We must first incorporate virtue and ethical values in our daily lives. We must promote and apply social and economic justice throughout our day.
              The growth and empowerment of individuals, families, and communities of the world starts with each of us.

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