Saturday, December 19, 2015

              Gratitude enhances human cooperation and understanding. Compare your relatively high level of functioning with the levels of those coping with pain, poverty, mental or physical challenges, or disability. It is unlikely that you have gained health, insight, wisdom, or other good fortune solely on your own intellect and effort. Gratitude to God, predestination, karma, or luck is misdirected. You are a beneficiary of assistance or support from real people, and you should express your sincere gratitude directly to them.
              In expressing gratitude, you are conveying your profound awareness of new privilege. Those who have gently shared with you their truth, their light, and their way are deserving of your gratitude. Go beyond a simple ‘thank you’—describe in detail how their support will help you. Both you and the recipient of your gratitude will benefit from the process of giving and receiving.
              As importantly, be fully present for others. Listen to them, acknowledge them, give them realistic hope, encouragement, practical support, and independence. Gracefully accept their gratitude.


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