Friday, December 18, 2015

Highly Sensitive Person
             There may be times when a friend, family member, or work associate is bothered or actually nauseated by painfully loud sound, overwhelmingly strong smells, or intense, blinding glare. You sense it as normal volume, pleasant fragrance, or pleasing light. Highly sensitive people have a legitimate and potentially disabling medical condition. When sensory input is too intense, their concentration and ability to process data is significantly impaired. They are suffering, and need your tolerance, understanding, and support. Be gentle—your urgings to ‘tough it out’ will aggravate their pain. Substitute your irritation or impatience with empathy and real assistance.
             Be alert for a person’s discomfort with noise, light, or other stimuli. If possible, make an effort to attenuate or remove the stimulus. Any corrective adjustment of his or her environment will be welcome, and will alleviate suffering.

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